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10 Ways to Decorate Your Entry for Halloween

We're feeling frightfully festive this week and we're haunting around the internet for the best Halloween home ideas. These truly spooktacular ways to decorate your front entry this Halloween are among our favorites finds. With these ideas, no matter what your style, your stop is sure to be a neighborhood hit!

1. Country

Includes traditional orange and black decor paired with faux crows, leaves and even pumpkins! Sure, you can go ahead and throw a couple real ones in too, but this way you can reuse your decorations year after year. Source:

2. Spooky

This entry has the gift of drab! A gray, green and black color scheme gives this porch a delightfully creepy feel (or is it the bats hanging from the rafters?) And don't miss the little extra touch of dark humor that the post mortem house guest brings! Source:

3. Creepy

If you can handle the sight of life-like bugs, you'll love this creepy craft idea from HGTV for a completely creepy Trick-or-Treat surprise! Source:

4. Corny

For those who like the more whimsical side of Halloween, take a cue from the chew and decorate your entryway with giant candy! ‚ÄčSource: 

Here are some more great ideas!

5. Theatrical: "Dead & Breakfast" by the Aitken Family (Scroll down)
6. Shabby Chic: From Shabby Nest
7. Refined: Fall Porch "Chandelier"by All Things Beautiful
8. Horrifying: Dreadful Decor
9. Illuminated: By Country Living
10. Ghostly: DIY Drapes by HGTV