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18 Tools No Homeowner Should Be Without

Whether it's hanging pictures, fixing doors, or tackling the latest repair, upgrade or overhaul, a homeowner has to have the right tools for the job! What are the right tools? Well that depends on the job at hand, but there are at least 18 tools we think you should not be without!

  • claw hammer; doesn't have to be heavy duty.
  • various flathead screwdrivers; small, medium, large
  • various Phillips head screwdrivers; small medium, large
  • utility knife with extra blades
  • razor blade scraper
  • stud finder; magnetic are cheaper than electric
  • adjustable pliers; channel locks
  • crescent wrenches; small, medium, large
  • putty knife; 1 standard, 1 wide
  • tape measures; minimum 10', good to have a 25-35'
  • flashlights; more is better; have backup batteries
  • circular saw 7 1/4"
  • electric drill 3/8" or 1/2"
  • hand saw
  • hack saw
  • level; bubble type; 12-24"
  • socket set; metric and SAE sizes
  • toolbox for most of the above except saws

Experience has shown that a homeowner probably uses each one of these tools every month or so, and we're not talking about big-time handymen. Most of these tools are just necessary for a multitude of routine repair jobs around the house.

Hint: When it comes to tools, skimping on the price of tools may not always be the best action. Paying extra now for a higher quality tool will give you years of satisfaction. Knowing the tool will perform as desired, time and time again, is worth the little extra you may pay up front. Break it down to a cost per use over the years and you'll quickly see the value in your investment.