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The 3 Most Common Defects Found in Pools

We’ve conducted tens of thousands of pool inspections across the fruited plains and our data indicates that there are three main categories of pool-related inspection issues: structural, safety, and equipment.

Structural Problems

Pool owners dread to hear the phrase “structural problems” when they’re reviewing inspection results and recommended mitigation. But even if a pool is well maintained, surface cracks or deterioration may appear as a pool begins to age; cracks indicate that the pool could be leaking or in danger of developing a leak and further investigation is required. We also inspect the pool deck for evidence of cracking, heaving, or sloping because this type of damage can not only cause people to trip and fall, but problems with the pool deck could be caused by settlement problems in the area directly surrounding the pool, which may also reveal a leak in the pool or piping.

Safety Problems

We examine very carefully all issues related to safety, focusing specifically on potential safety breaches. Although code generally requires fencing, we occasionally inspect properties in which the pool isn’t properly fenced and even more frequently, cases in which the gate and/or latch don’t work properly. At the point of being repetitive, fencing must be at least four feet high with properly functioning self-closing and/or self-latching mechanisms.

Equipment Problems

The pool pump is the heart of a pool’s system and, therefore, must be checked regularly to ensure that it is functioning properly – pump problems are evident by poor water circulation or floating flotsam and jetsam. Main defects in pool pumps include leaking and corrosion, as well as the chance that the pump's lines may contain air. The pool filter must be checked regularly (monthly); if the filter captures too much debris and the system’s pressure creeps up without mitigation, the pump’s life could be shortened because of the extra work required to circulate the water through dirty filters. The pump, skimmer/vacuum, and filter must all remain in good working condition if you want your pool to stay "happy and healthy."

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