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4 Ways A Can of Spray Paint Can Brighten Your Weekend

When it comes to DIY projects, sometimes the right tool and a clever idea is all it takes for a great weekend project. Here are 4 of our favorite spray paint DIY project ideas.

Scour the neighborhood garage sales, or even your own home for some tired knick knacks and bring them back to life with some vibrant saturated color. Take what was dusty and dated and make it a modern artistic show piece. Source: From Craft Kitsch to Cool.

Now we all have these ugly folding chairs at home! Isn't it amazing what a couple of coats of spray paint can do? With all the colors to choose from these days, the hardest part of this project is just choosing which shades to use. Source: The Moon and Me.

Here's another trash to treasure 15-minute project. Make some statement bookends for your living room or a child's room by simply repurposing old toys or figures. A coat of solid spray paint gives your items a modern statuesque appearance and artistic appeal. Source: Weekend Homemaker.

When you are looking for items to spray paint, be looking for really interesting shapes. Here are four lamps, most originally brass, that have been simply spray painted with vibrant color. Solid color allows the shapes themselves to take center stage and become the focal point of the piece. Source: Mod Podge Rocks Blog.

So, happy hunting for your next spray-paint DIY project. Your next conversation piece may be right under your nose!