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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Home’s Value

The following is a guest post contributed by Nicole Adams. She writes on the topic of construction management degrees, but has written many interesting articles on other home-related topics as well. She wrote this one especially for us. It's on ways to improve the value of your home--especially for those looking to sell. Thanks Nicole! She provides her email at the end of the post and welcomes your comments. Enjoy:


5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Home’s Value

One of the first lessons of personal finance is that you need to learn how to improve the value of any asset you own, and when it comes to your most valuable asset - your home – it’s only natural that you must continue to find ways to improve its value. It takes money to make money and create value, so any home improvement measure you undertake is going to cost you. So the key to boosting the value of your home is to tread the fine line between improvement and cost – you need to balance your improvements so that your costs don’t run too high and you get the highest value boost for your home. And to this end, here are five easy ways to improve the value of your home:

  1. Clean it up: The simplest and easiest way to improve your home’s value is to clear it of clutter and keep it spic and span. Any potential buyer must want to come in and see your home when they see the outside. So this means you need to clear your yard, keep your garage free of junk, wash your curtains and floors, and your appliances free of dirt and grime. If cleanliness is next to godliness for you, this is not going to be too much of a problem, but if you’ve let your home go because you’re too busy or too lazy, you may have your task cut out for you.
  2. Take care of repairs: If your faucets leak, your chimney does not work, your drain is clogged, and so on, you need to attend to the repair work immediately. If you want to sell your home, you’re not going to get a good price if it’s riddled with repairs to be made. A home that is well maintained will generally fetch the price you want.  
  3. Give it a fresh coat of paint: You’d be surprised at what a new coat of paint could do for even an old home. It’s like a complete revamp, at minimum cost. You could also go green and use paints that are eco-friendly and that do not have volatile organic compounds in them – this helps boost the value of your home at a little extra cost.
  4. Improve what’s important: Put your money where it’s needed – in most homes, it’s the bathrooms and kitchens that go to the dogs first. So work on cleaning up (or replacing) the tiles, replace leaky faucets and faulty fixtures, clean moldy shower curtains and stained countertops, and install light bulbs in strategic positions so that they show the rooms in a better light.
  5. Accessorize: And finally, buy accessories that don’t cost an arm and a leg - put up new curtains, change your furniture upholstery if it’s worn out or faded, and replace carpeting (or if you have a hardwood floor, get rid of the carpet and get the floor polished –it’s more appealing). A bowl of fresh fruit on the table and fresh flowers in vases on drawers and nightstands also make a positive statement.

So as you can see, it doesn’t cost much in terms of money to improve your home’s value. All it takes is the will to do so and the effort you need to put in.


This guest post is contributed by Nicole Adams. She writes on the topic of construction management degrees. She welcomes your comments. Click here to email Nicole.