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5 Ways to Improve a Porch

There are a few things that make us simply drool over a porch--things that if you have a porch, you should definitely consider adding (especially if that porch happens to be attached to a house that is for sale). While many of us may not have the below view, these five ideas can help you make your porch equally breathtaking.

Porch Swings

1. Add Living Space. One of the best ways to improve a porch is to upgrade it from simply something out in front of the house to an extension of the living space. The best way to do that? Give people a place to sit and gather. Consider adding rockers, wicker chairs, or even a small table and chairs. Porches can be a great place for a cup of tea or a cozy spot to catch up on some reading--like your very own outdoor living room.

2. Add Texture. Soften the space and add color and interest by adding some outdoor textiles like pillows, cushions, or even porch curtains. Curtains can also help make the space more private or disguise an undesirable view. Not only will fabrics make the space more visually appealing but more comfortable too.

3. Add a swing. Unique seating like a porch swing will take your porch up a notch. Be sure to install it properly, making sure it's tied-in to the ceiling structure and can safely carry the weight of the swing and occupants. 

4. Add Some Life. Add some life to the front porch, literally, with potted plants or hanging baskets. Gather plants and group them with your seating, or place them buy your door. Using something distinctive like a topiary to showcase your front entryway will make your home feel much more welcoming.

5. Add a Focal Point. There's one thing that can really improve the porch in one swift step, and that's investing in a new front door or giving the existing one a face-lift. There are so many different types of doors to pick from that will be a great compliment to your home no matter what style you have. It's also a great way to make a style statement if none really exists elsewhere. Try a bright new color that pops to make a very simple home's architecture more interesting.