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6 Great Ways to Advertise That You're Not Home (And How to Avoid Them!)

During the peek vacation months, be sure not to fall into these pitfalls that advertise that you aren't home...

Tell everyone on Facebook about your awesome up-coming trip.​

Because social media are so widely used these days, we HAVE to mention this first! NEVER share your vacation plans online. Of course, we would never post, "Rob me please," online, but we have no problem sharing our "countdown to vacation" with everyone, or our pictures during the trip. You might not even realize it while you are excitedly telling people about your up-coming plans and sharing photos in front of landmarks far from home, but you are advertising to friends, friends of friends and possibly strangers that your home will be/is unattended. Instead, enjoy sharing all about your vacation when you get home.

Leave a Friendly Message on the Door for the UPS Guy letting him know where to leave your package while your away.

Don't leave messages on your door (like for a delivery person) that you are away from home either. That includes notes to neighbors, lawn crews, mailmen, etc!

Turn all the lights out, or leave some on permanently!

Two of the biggest mistakes homeowners make with lighting when they are away is 1. not lighting the home at all, or 2. Putting a few lights on permanently. Each of those options are a clear indication to intruders that you are in fact not home. On the one side, leaving your home dark, not only signals that you aren't home, but makes it really easy for intruders to come and go unnoticed. And on the other side, leaving lights on continuously can make your home look awkward and stick out like a sore thumb when, say, your porch light is on in the middle of the day, or your bedroom light is on at 2AM. Opt for timers - and even better, ones with a "random" function that has lights turn on randomly within 15 minutes of the desired time (for extra savvy robbers).

Let Your Mail and Newspapers Pile Up.

Arrange for the Post Office to hold your mail, or for someone to pick up mail and newspapers while you are gone. Holding your mail is also really easy these days because you can do so online - so no excuses!

Let the grass get really really long.

Have someone mow your lawn while you are away. Either schedule a lawn service, or have a friendly neighbor (or teenager) tend to your lawn while you are away. It's a simple step towards protecting your home that's especially important if you are planning a trip that is longer than five days. Don't forget to pick up a souvenir from your trip for anyone who helps you while you're away!

Leave No Signs of Life Behind

Leave a car in the driveway. But even better, simply ask one of your immediate neighbors to use yours instead for the week. A vehicle that is regularly coming can help deter would-be burglars.