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A Cold Winter Day Is A Great Time To Plan Your Next Spring or Summer Project

So the groundhog said, six more weeks of winter. In the meantime, are you daydreaming of the arrival of sunny days, warm breezes, and outdoor fun? Now is a great time to plan your next spring or summer home project. Take advantage of your remaining hours cooped up indoors to organize and plan it all out!

Whimsical Playhouse

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Most home projects can be very easily divided into two main groups - summer projects and winter projects. Finishing the basement could be a long winter dream project. While building a play house is a great spring/summer project. But while it's still a bit chilly in many areas of the United States, cozying up on the couch to PLAN a summer project is a great way to relax on a cold winter evening. Seriously, it can be fun! 

Planning a new project can be one of the best parts of the process. For a little while, nothing is off limits, and soon you go from a bunch of loose ideas to a cohesive plan of attack (at least that's what should happen in the planning stage).

A project planning session might start with the question, "what if we..." and quickly turns into an actual project idea. Here are a few key things to keep in mind during the planning stage: your goal, the scope, timeline, materials, and budget. Let's take the playhouse project, for example:

  1. What's the goal? To build a "wonky" playhouse
  2. What's the scope? What needs to be done to accomplish the goal? Draw up plans, a few weekends to build, prep for paint and painting.
  3. What's the timeline? This project will probably take 1 month working on the weekends.  
  4. Materials. Wood, shingles, door hardware, paint and possibly stationary windows. You may have other smaller materials like nails on hand, otherwise list those too.
  5. Budget. $300-$500

For many DIY-ers, project brainstorming used to begin with magazines, scissors and note paper; but in recent years, the world has discovered resources like If you are an avid DIYer and haven't discovered Pinterest yet--it's worth giving a whirl!

No matter how you plan them, do-it-yourself home projects are great for the homeowner soul. When you get your hands dirty and really put yourself into your home, it makes living there all the more joyful and fulfilling. Don't you think?