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Federal Pacific Panels and Associated Danger - continued

As somewhat anticipated, related to my recent post on FPE panels, I received a call from a Master Electrician, 35 years in the trade who informed me I was wrong to call for replacement of the FPE sub-panel with Stab-Lok breakers.

The inspection that spurred his comments was a condo unit in a very large complex that is wholly wired with FPE product. His argument?  It's okay to purchase and install a modified breaker, thus doing a valid 'repair'. He did not allude to any inherent problems with the structure of the panel and seemed to think replacing a breaker or two would fix the problem. Also, he wanted to know why other inspectors evaluating other condo units had not called for replacement. 

I have referred him to the literature and research of Dr. Jesse Aronstein, which, in my interpretation, leaves no room for modification. To date, Dr. Jesse's summation seems to be the most valid. However, if there are others out there willing to stand up against Dr. Aronstein, I'd sure be willing to listen to their ideas. Thoughts?

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