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Florida Insurance Company Reverses Course and will cover Home with Chinese Drywall Afterall

It had been reported as recently as last week that some insurance companies in FL were starting to drop coverage for homes with Chinese Drywall. Without homeowners insurance, the buzz was that these unlucky homeowners could eventually be facing foreclosure.

It was another negative development in the situation, but just an hour ago, it has been reported that the insurance company the spirred all the reports has reversed their position!

Check out the latest from the Associated Press here: Fla Insurer Renews Policy Despite Chinese Drywall

Hopefully the state and local governements and the various insurance companies will continue along this path and find more ways to support these homeowners in the months to come.

What about China?
Well the US Government is trying to get them involved as well. Read the latest here: Chinese Drywall Contamination Prompts meeting Between US and China