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Funky Bugs

I was getting ready to start my day at my home office this morning—computer mouse in one hand, fresh cup of coffee in the other—ahhh, yes, conditions were perfect to dive into the latest task at hand, when suddenly everything changed as I noticed something up against the baseboard on the floor. After determining that it wasn't moving from a distance, but with my concentration decidedly broken, I took a shy and cautious closer look. Oh, man! It was a brown, fuzzy, multiple-legged, antennae-touting, dead bug.

I attempted to snap a picture with my digital camera to send to one of our inspectors, but the picture was blurry and I figured they would get a kick out of me dealing with a funky bug. I didn't want to personally move, pick up or dispose of the funky bug either since that's a delegated responsibility in my house to the hubby. I never did get a good picture, and really, who wants one?!

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever found a funky bug in your house and said out loud, while you're by yourself, “What the heck is that?!”  I hate that. Eeeeeu! 

When it comes to Funky Bugs—especially if they are dead funky bugs—identification is not usually critical. Personally, I'm not real curious about the bug’s species, scientific name or it’s favorite color. It's simple for me; if it's moving or dead, I want it gone. And if you're anything like me and the bug is moving, I grab the nearest shoe (preferably someone else's) or a rolled up newspaper and it immediately becomes one dead bug. 

Now on the other hand, if you find more than one typical house bug or Funky Bug, then that's when you should call the exterminators (I just love that name when it concerns a bug!) As I get older, I even talk to the bug or spider, "Sorry, you should never have entered this house. You can check in, but you can't check out." My daughters and I have also been known to squeal and jump and do a funky dance when we see a funky bug. We're just not bug people.

The Funky Truth?
If you have a house, chances are you'll have a bug from time to time—and sometimes, it will be a Funky Bug. Certain times of the year, bring certain types of bugs. Spring finds me or my hubby standing in line at a nearby Lowe's with a do-it-yourself bug spray kit; I'm not one that wants to shell out $180 to have my house sprayed annually with no guarantee that a funky bug won't show up.  And, in some weird way, I get satisfaction in spraying it myself and finding dead funky bugs lying up against baseboards, like I did today. I'm sure a bug lover out there won't particularly like my style or strategy, but hey, I'm just not that into capturing the little creatures and creating a bug farm in a glass jar with a few blades of grass.

Fascinated by Funky Bugs?
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