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Funky Bugs: Car Trouble

I think I’m a magnet for funky bugs. Ever had one make an appearance in your car? Ah, all of a sudden those memories come back to you, right? 

I was on a business trip last month; flew into BWI, drove over the Northern Virginia for a manager’s meeting. I picked up a rental car and picked up several other managers at Reagan and Dulles International Airports. The trip went well, meetings were informative, felt very productive and the hotel had passed my Funky Bug Inspection. Life was good.

As I drove the Marketing Director to Dulles to catch his flight, we were chatting and all of a sudden a weird funky looking white spider crawled across the sFunky Bug in Carteering wheel….as I’m driving doing about 50 mph. So, I did what I always do when I see a funky bug, I screamed. I screamed loudly, pointed out the bug and instructed the marketing director to get it! He said something like, “I don’t kill bugs with my bare hands” – but he swatted the bug. Did he swat the spider away from me? No. He swatted the bug toward me and it landed on my lap. I continued to scream and I swat at it only for it to disappear from sight. Not good.  As I had a whole day and a 50 mile trip to BWI to think about that spider. 

What do I expect when I come across a funky bug in someone else’s presence? I expect them to kill the bug – moving car or not. I’m sure the Marketing Director has his own version of this story, but, this is MY blog. 

However, I did manage to keep control of the car and maybe that’s the moral of the story: when funky bug makes appearance while driving, scream and maintain control of moving vehicle.

I hope the person who rents the car next doesn’t read this blog. 

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