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Home Energy Audits and Weatherizations in Detroit Market

I work in our Detroit market. We do a lot of Relocation house inspections and they have traditionally provided a significant part of the income for me and my fellow inspectors. Now the Relocation market has tumbled drastically, cutting into our income. What can we inspectors do?

We made the decision to begin performing home energy audits (in the greater Detroit market only). Last September we travelled to Philadelphia and the annual NAHI convention to take a one day course in energy audits put on by CMC Energy Services. We learned to use their software, and we started performing home energy audits.

We invested in infrared cameras, blower doors, and combustion analyzers. These tools greatly increase the technical information that can be added to audit reports giving the customer a better product. These tools are also the tools of choice throughout the home energy audit industry. We have only performed a handful of energy audits so far because we're focusing on a campaign to help educate the general public.

Personally, I am pursuing BPI certification to become an instructor. BPI looks at a house as a system and allows an inspector to look at the fundamentals of house performance assessment. BPI certification is acceptable for use in the DTE Energy home energy audit rebate program.

We're hoping that home energy audits will become a significant part of our local service offering.

What do you think about Energy Audits? Do you think they are valuable? Just another “green” fad? Do you think homebuyers would like this service, especially if there are rebates offered? Do YOU like this service? Share your thoughts below.

Incidentally, if you live in Michigan and would like more information give us a call at (734) 922-5193.