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How to Extend the Outdoor Season This Fall

The weather is starting to get cooler in the evenings and soon the day temps will follow, but we don't have to hunker down indoors for the fall just yet! There's plenty of pleasant weather to enjoy and here are some ways to extend the outdoor season as summer comes to a close.

  • usi test imageBuild a fire pit. Dropping temperatures are probably the number one reason we begin to head indoors come fall, especially in the northern United States. So a great way to stay warm is with a fire pit. You can install a permanent one, or buy a stand-alone portable one--either way, toasting your cold hands--or some marshmallows--is certainly a great way to enjoy the season. 
  • Build a privacy planter. One of the most beautiful things about fall is the leaves...but once they change color, they fall! And your left with little-to-no privacy from foliage by the middle to the end of the season. This is the time for hardscape to do its job. Lattice or other materials can be used to border patios or other sitting spaces, to help you retain the cozy, private atmosphere you enjoyed all summer. Consider building a rectangle planter for mums or other hearty fall plants, and then extend the back 4-5 feet up with lattice to form a planter that also serves as a privacy screen.
  • Build a fort. Have your children been nixing your suggestions to play outside because their bored of what's out there? It's not too surprising, they have been playing with those swings all spring and summer. Reignite their enthusiasm for the great outdoors with a new fort or tree house. You can even get them involved in the process, which will have the whole family out in the fresh air. When you are done, throw on some jackets and enjoy! Swords or other dramatic play accessories can get them even more excited about their new play space.
  • Install outdoor lighting. Another reason we stop gathering socially outdoors come fall, is the fact that the sun sets so much earlier. But on many mild nights, the weather is still great for cake a coffee outside. So, consider installing some decorative and functional outdoor lighting throughout your landscape. It's a real bright idea for extending your outdoor season!