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It's a New Year! Are You Thinking Garage Sale?

Anytime of the year is probably a good time to have a garage sale, yard sale, or moving sale unless of course you live in Williston, N.D. where the winter temps can be pretty extreme!

However, with the beginning of this New Year 2012, I've heard many conversations and references to 'cleaning out stuff!". Okay, I'm with ya'! What better way than to organize a garage sale.

Whether you're preparing to move or just reorganizing, here are a few ideas to consider if you're ready to put the sale in motion:

  1. Begin early. Many yard sales advertise 8am start. I can assure you if you say "7am", you'll have business and a jump on the others close by.
  2. One day is usually better than dragging it out to two. Most sales will be conducted in the morning hours.
  3. Price label all your items. It will cut down on buyer questioning and will assist impulse buying. Sure there will always be 'negotiators', but not as many. (Tip: for smaller items, rather than pricing every single item differently and individually, just choose 5 set prices ranging from $10 down to 50 cents and get a pack of multicolored circle stickers at your local office supply store. Create a cheat sheet board with the prices for each of the different colors and then simply affix the stickers to items).
  4. Display items in open boxes and on long tables. It's easier to peruse and doesn't require buyers to have to get out of their physical comfort zone. Also, avoid stacking items as it makes browsing difficult.
  5. Make sure all items have been wiped cleaned or polished. You want your buyers to know you've taken care of and value these items for sale.
  6. Selling electronics? Have electricity available to demonstrate.
  7. Have wrapping material and bags available for customers to carry off their purchases.
  8. A tape measure should be available. Many buyers will ask to "measure" some items.
  9. Have plenty of coin change and small bills on hand to break up larger bills.
  10. Keep your cash box in a secure location and never leave unattended.

Check your local signage laws to see what is allowed as far as advertising your sale. Taking an ad out in the paper is often a great idea if you have big ticket items like pianos, clocks, antiques or furniture. Remember, these sales can be a lot of fun. You'll get to interact with your neighbors, make some new friends, and have enough funds to maybe take your spouse out to dinner!