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New Radon Handbook, by the WHO?

The WHO will be releasing a new handbook on radon. No, not the rock band. The World Health Organization! The formal release is scheduled for September 21st this year and will be in the form of a free download from the WHO International Radon Project Website Book Shop.

The handbook focuses on residential radon exposure from a public health point of view. It is aimed at countries thinking about implementing a national radon program, or expanding a program that already exists. It will also help various stakeholders, like the construction industry and building professionals, involved in radon control.

Of course there will be a lot of great information for the practicing radon professional, mitigation professional, and real estate professional. Of particular interest will be a chapter on risk communication strategies.

The WHO International Radon Project was launched back in 2005. This handbook is just one of the key accomplishments so far. For more information about the WHO International Radon Project, or to download the handbook when available, please visit their website.