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Should the Agent Attend the Inspection? Join the Online Discussion

We've got a lively discussion going on at our LinkedIn Discussion group page on this topic. Here are some of the highlights.:


"It is imperative that an agent accompany their buyer during a home inspection. This enables everyone to know exactly what is or is not a problem with regards to the inspection and afterward the home inspector reviews the report with the buyer/agent so that a determination can be made to request repairs, if required. The home inspection has always been a very educational process for all parties concerned. You know exactly what needs to be replaced, corrected or repaired as a result of the home inspector's explanation & you learn what to look for in future homes that may present a problem to your future buyers.

It's always a great thing to address something right when you're submitting the offer to avoid issues further down the road...i.e. be on lookout for Federal Pacific Breakers, Omega Water Sprinkler Systems; Polybutylene Piping; etc. Home Inspectors offer you a world of knowledge with their vast experience. You serve your buyers/sellers better when you can resolve issues before they become major hurdles. The Home Inspector is the expert that the buyer has hired to protect their interests—you need to be educated during the home inspection process as the agent to best represent your buyer."

- Pamela Koenig, Realtor at ZipRealty Inc

"I'd add that it's not only important that the agent attend the inspection, but it's important that any communications after the inspection use the inspector's report as a reference. Problems can occur when issues that were carefully documented by the inspector become paraphrased by various parties involved. If all parties are working with the same document (i.e., the inspector's report), there is less confusion and less waste of time."

- Rob Amaral, Home Inspector at US Inspect, LLC

"I wholeheartedly agree. I would never skip an inspection and I also instruct clients to attend. I consider it part of my job responsibility to attend. The results of the inspection are the next negotiation and if the agent isn't there for the inspection, he/she will have only the report from which to judge whether items should be remedied."

  - Katrina Schymik, Realtor, Licensed in DC, MD and VA

We thought we'd bring our blog readers into the discussion as well. What do you think? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below.