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Unique Properties - Tree Houses

My husband and I were talking about the Swiss Family Robinson last night. 

Tree House

No doubt I'm dating myself, but does anyone else remember the tree house they lived in? Now, that was cool! Who can't help but remember Tarzan's living quarters. I remember always wanting a tree house when I was a little girl. Some boys in the neighborhood had a tree house that their Dad built but it was one of those "clubs" with a sign that said "no girls allowed". Several years ago, my husband built our youngest daughter a tree house, now the neighborhood kids are enjoying it. So, our discussion prompted me to do an internet search on tree houses. Wow! There are Tree forts, Tree Hotels, Tree Bed & Breakfasts, and elaborate tree houses. This link shows some of the most amazing tree houses from around the world.

I'm not saying I want to live in a tree, that seems a bit squirrelly to me (pun intended), and I don't think we've inspected tree houses but there's always a first time. Yet, I don't think the intrigue of a tree house has lost it's zeal. Did you have a tree house when you were little?