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Valentine's Day Every Day

For many, Valentine's Day is a time for chocolates, flowers and cards--but in the bigger picture, it's a day for being kind, and showing the love that we have for others.

This display of kindness and respect for others is something U.S. Inspect aims to practice every day, in fact, it's one of our core values and is part of our Human Qualities Program. So I thought it was very fitting today, in honor of the holiday this weekend, to share an excerpt from our Charity training module. The topic is how we can show charity at work.

How Charitable Am I?
A Self-Assessment

Many people don't think of "charity" as an important component of work performance. Even a policy of "the customer is always right" often grows out of a different motivation or goal than simply a desire to be charitable. As U.S. Inspect employees, we recognize that charity, in a variety of forms, is part of what makes us what makes us who we are as a company. That is, our willingness to respect, care about and act kindly toward others - simply because they are people in our world - sets us apart. We treat others as they would like to be treated, because it is the right thing to do.

Assess your charity at work. For each of the questions consider: Who did my behavior impact? How can I consistently continue this positive behavior? Or how can I change this negative behavior?

  1. Name three times in the past month when you went out of your way to be kind or caring to someone at work.  
  2. Have there been incidents in the past month when you did not listen as well as you should have to your customer, coworker?
  3. Do you know what your reputation is in the areas we are referring to as charity (i.e. caring, cheerfulness, courteousness, empathy, listening, kindness, respect)? If others were talking about you without you around, what would they say about your behavior in these areas?
  4. Sometimes people can test our patience because they are anxious, pressured or simply having a bad day. Do you make an extra effort to remain patient and concerned even when this happens?
  5. Look around your work area. When was the last time you stopped and genuinely asked how those around you were doing?
  6. We have the opportunity at work to create a sense of community by acting with interest, kindness and concern toward others. Do you know anything beyond surface information about your customers, your boss, your team?

I hope you find that useful as well. Happy Valentine's Day!