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What to Check Before Buying a Home: Part 1

Considering buying a home? Check out these tips and suggestions from our home inspectors on the Long & Foster blog! Part one of a two part series.

Our home inspectors have provided a handful of tips and suggestions on what to check before buying a home, featured on the Long & Foster blog!

Considering buying a home? From the foundation to the roof, a home inspection will provide you with essential information about all of the home’s components, interior and exterior. In this two-part blog, we’ll share suggestions and insight from home inspectors firsthand.

What items should you check before officially calling it home?

Is the house structurally sound and safe?Checking the foundation is critical. If there are horizontal cracks, diagonal cracks or water coming into the home, you should be concerned. “An unsafe foundation is a red flag and could be a deal breaker,” said Ray Montminy, Area Manager and inspector with US Inspect, a partner of Long & Foster’s Home Service Connections.


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