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What Customers Have to Say About U.S. Inspect

We reviewed all of our October post inspection surveys today and we are so happy and proud of the comments that have come in to us over the past month! A warm thank you to all the buyers, sellers, and agents who have allowed us to be a part of their transactions—it's great to read such wonderful feedback. We'll be working doubly hard for the rest of this quarter to continue to earn your support.

A few of our favorite unsolicited comments are below...

"David was awesome! I will refer him to anyone that I know. He was so detailed and took the time to explain things. I was surprised at how much knowledge he had and how he was able to explain things in a way that even my dad could understand! He deserves special recognition as he went above and beyond anything I had imagined!"

Dinah, Texas

"I was able to make an informed decision about this house based on the inspector's valuable information. My home inspector walked an extra mile and provided me with more information about the neighborhood and the community. I have received great service from a credible and professional home inspector."

Ibrahim, Maryland

"David was both knowledgeable and personable. I followed him throughout the entire inspection and he explained everything to me in terms I could understand.  He made suggestions on how to make minor repairs, showed me how to operate each of the items he was checking (meters, pool pumps, sprinkling system etc.) and made suggestions on things I might want to look at replacing in the future. He said I could call him with any questions that I did not think to ask when we went over the report. I would highly recommend your company, based on my experience with David. I feel completely confident in the quality of the home I'm purchasing, due to David's thorough examination of the property."

Lauranne, Florida

"Eric was most impressive.  He was thorough and dilligent. He was truly looking out for our best interest in the purchase of our future home. He didn't miss a thing and he was very knowledgable and experienced. He was extremely patient with my deluge of questions and took plenty of time to answer all of my questions thoroughly. He also spent time educating us on routine house maintenance and other details that a new home owner would not necessarily know. He was not rushed and spent ample time with the inspection of the house and then reporting and explanations of his findings. We were most impressed and would recommend Eric to any family or friends."

Buyer, Maryland


What are the post inspection surveys? All of our clients receive a survey to complete online after each inspection—it asks for feedback about our customer service, inspection professionals, the inspection experience and more. At the end, there is an option to write additional comments and it is some of those kind words that we have shared above. By way, we also pay very close attention to anything you have to tell us about how we can serve you better—so keep sharing your thoughts with us!