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What Wrong with this Picture: Gutter Gardening

Time for a little spring cleaning! This is a great picture from my buddy Jack, also a US Inspect inspector in Florida. 

Gutter Plant

ANSWER: Gutters in need of cleaning

These roof gutters are clogged with debris. Gutters are an integral part of a roof water management system. Clogged gutters can lead to premature deterioration of the home’s roof covering as the water will have nowhere to go. Additionally, the water is blocked from flowing to downspouts, which are designed to carry roof water away from the structure. If water overflows and runs down the side of the house, water can penetrate through the wall and into the home and damage framing members and interior finishes.

Water penetration into the foundation of the home can deteriorate framing members and compromise the home’s structural integrity. Also, erosion damage is possible around the home, which also impacts the structural integrity of the house. Gutters should be kept clear of debris to allow water to flow freely. Gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year, typically once in the spring and once in the late fall. If there are many trees contributing to clogging your gutters, consideration should be given to installing gutter guards.