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Why We Love Working At U.S. Inspect!

The following is a special post by US Inspect inspector, Bill Zoller, written in honor of US Inspect's 25th Anniversary milestone celebration.

My professional career has allowed me to work for several well known corporations, but none more personally satisfying than U.S. Inspect. In light of U.S. Inspect's big 25th Anniversary this year, I thought this monumental passing would be a good time to see what others were thinking. I quizzed a number of my co-workers to hear their thoughts. I was certainly pleased, although not surprised at the responses. Most confirmed my suspicions.

What I found while randomly polling employees (and I believe it too!) is that the number one factor directly contributing to our leadership and trust in the industry is our ATTITUDE. As elementary as that sounds, it makes all the difference. Whether the interaction is between co-workers or customers, the response is the same.

It's the attitude you encounter when you're not quite able to explain your problem and the person helping you responds with patience, clarity and dignity. That would be Erika Staples-Mathes of our Building Consultant Support team. It's when you're in a hurry, you just want an answer, and the person you've called responds quickly and precisely. That's Pamela Grubaugh of our Customer Service Team.  It's when the individual you've called for help thanks you for calling and you sense they really mean it. That would be Leland Harris in IT Support. It's when you've got a problem that will take time to research and the person you're speaking with says they will have to get back with you, and you know they will. Her name is Nissa Martin, one of our Scheduling Coordinators.

And the list goes on. Here are some of the comments from fellow employees when asked why they love working here.

  • "I have fun at work." Kathy Conques, Residential Operations Support
  • "It's a family environment." Terrence Hasham, Radon Support.
  • "I love my job." Johanna Stumpf, Payroll and Accounting
  • "I love the people I work with." Cindy Hall, Residential CST, and Debra Boggs, Payroll
  • "Inspections are not viewed as work, but rather helping others." Paul Fast, Building Consultant from Colorado

From the CEO, Bill Bowman, on down, these are the attitudes that prevail.   

I believe U.S. Inspect to be one of the few corporate environments that truly understands and seriously pursues the direct link between happy employees and satisfied customers. This is a company that earnestly searches out the best in its employees and builds on those strengths. This attitude drives the excellent customer experince we strive for every time our customers solicit our business. It's the only way we at U.S. Inspect want to do business!

Qual. Initiative Committee

A huge thanks to all of you for your perseverance, dedication, compassion, and attitude!  Here's to another 25 years!