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Winter Welcome: Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Today is the first day of winter. So it's time to talk about winter maintenance. The holidays are an especially popular time for people to think about fixing things up around the house. Somehow, we couldn't care less what the powder room looks like any other time of the year, yet the very thought of one of our holiday guests even so much as glancing at it over the next few weeks sends shivers up our spine. And so, all over the country, and probably the world, home improvement stores are just as busy as the malls this time of year.

But in addition to that unsightly powder room wall paper, we ought to be paying attention to that leaky faucet or loose tile grout as well. Home maintenance is key this time of year, and always. It's the little things we do each season that help prevent big unwanted surprises when the house is full of guests. Below, please enjoy our winter portion of the US Inspect Seasonal Home Maintenance Series. It's a shorter list this season, so don't worry, there's plenty of time for the powder room too!

House covered in snow

Interior: Keep attic louvers and vents open all year round. Check louver screening.

Heating and Cooling: Change or clean furnace filters and air-conditioning filters monthly.

Plumbing: Check for leaks at traps and sewer cleanouts.

Electrical: Test ground fault circuit interrupters.

Interior: Check bathroom tile joints, tub grout and caulking. Be sure all tile joints in bathrooms are kept well sealed with tile grout to prevent damage to walls, floors and ceilings below.

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