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Words of Wisdom About Home Ownership From US Inspect Dads

As a tribute to all the Dads out there on this Father's Day weekend, we thought it would be fun to get some fatherly advice about home purchasing, ownership and maintenance from some of the Dads right here at US Inspect! We also have some words of wisdom employees received from their Fathers about home ownership. If you have some fatherly advice of your own, please add it in the comments below -Happy Father's Day, all!


Don’t take personally anything said or done during the purchase process. It is first a business proposition – plenty of time for the emotion later. And speaking of emotion, don’t get so “invested” that you have to have the home at any cost. The reality is, that you may have to walk away to prevent financial disaster.

Jim Blackwell, Senior Director - US Inspect Commercial Division


My Dad's advice was always to put on my big girl panties, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, get over things easily, work hard and love others. That advice has served me in all areas of my life, including buying and selling homes.

Faith Greenwell, Director, National Recruiting


My fatherly advice is to buy. As soon as possible, pinch every penny to do it but buy. I seriously doubt conditions in our lifetime will ever be any better than now to purchase a home or any other form of real estate. Find a fixer upper in your price range and jump in. Work hard on it. Build up equity. Sell in a few years and move up. The old adage ‘buy low and sell high” still applies. The first step in that is buy low. Now is the time. I’m proud to say my 23 year old daughter is currently looking for her first home purchase. I hope she does it. Guess who will be working on it with her!

Bill Conner, East Regional Manager, US Inspect Resdential

Don’t touch ANY electrical work…if you don’t know what you are doing, you could make a major mistake!

Rob Amaral, Inspector - US Inspect Massachusetts