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10 Uses for What? You Name It.

I recently saw an email in my inbox about "10 Uses For Stuff You Already Have Around The House."  I, of course, wanted to quickly scan the article to see if there might be anything of interest. What I found was an article about "10 Uses for Plastic Bags". It wasn't the author's suggestions for uses of plastic bags that intrigued me as much as it was the readers' suggestions. There seemed to be plenty of comments.

Below are ideas presented by the blog viewers on ways to re-use plastic bags:

  • Place around or cover your shoes while working in the garden. When necessary to return to the house, remove bags and shoes are clean.
  • Wrap contents when shipping in item to prevent any potential water damage.
  • Wrap paint brushes or rollers used in latex paint jobs to be saved for next project. (Clean first, of course.)
  • Use plastic bags for cat litter before tossing into trash can. One reader also suggested using plastic bags for diapers.
  • Use plastic bags as trash bags for the car.
  • Place grocery store cold products in plastic bags from grocery to home, then return bags or reuse on next visit.
  • Tie bags in trees around or near garden and when the wind blows it will scare any unwanted critters away. (I think wanted critters, too.?)
  • Donate bags to the local food pantry for their use in delivering products.

Well, there you have it. We'd like to hear your suggestions. Drop us a note in the comments box below. 

Thanks for taking the time.