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5 Creative Ways to Document Your Home Projects

Have you ever thought about documenting your home improvement projects, memorializing your first home-ownership experience, or just want to find a way to remember your home life and the transformations your home makes over the years? Here are some creative ways to document your home grown adventures!

Project Life - Creatively Documenting Home Improvement Projects
Photograph: "Project Life" Album created by Becky Higgins,

  • Photograph It. A photo album can be a great way to document anything, but especially your DIY projects. Always remember to take pictures before, during, and after your projects. Take them from the same angle so that they can be viewed side-by-side to get the full impact of your work!
  • Tell A Story. Take it a step further and tell your story in a pictorial book. Websites like make it easy to transform your collection of images into a keepsake that tells your story. You'll have the added benefit of adding captions and titles to your album.
  • Journal Your Journey. Another great way to memorialize your next big project, or document your home life for family and posterity, is to journal or blog about it. It can be a private journal, something that you share with a select few, or maybe even the whole world. It's up to you! One of our all time favorite "celebrating home ownership" blogs just happens to have gotten its start in exactly such a
  • Scrapbook It. Scrapbooking is a medium used by many people to document weddings, family life, pregnancy, babies and children, special events, and more. Memory-keeping expert, Becky Higgins of has created the scrapbook of all scrapbook experiences with her "Project Life" products. Either digitally or the "old fashioned way," you can document the next 365 days of your home life--this is great for first time homeowners, or those embarking on large renovations projects. It combines, pictures, telling a story, and journaling all in one.
  • Take Time-Lapse Images. With the advent of YouTube, especially, the creative uses for the art of video are growing every day (yes there is some junk out there too). But something that has popped up lately is artful time-lapse videos. And we saw it used to document home renovations and projects, which is a really neat idea! Check out a professional example here. For those advanced keepsake-makers, it might be worth some experimenting!

So go ahead and get your DIY on this season! Even though it's winter, there are plenty of fun home projects to tackle. But don't forget to document them! Looking back on your journey and all the memories you created along the way can be the best part of all.