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Quick Tips: How Can I Keep My Attic Cooler?

During the summer months attics get hot, hot, hot! This is quite normal, but there is such a thing as too hot. And when this happens, it can impact your comfort, your energy bills, and in extreme cases, even the life of your roof. Here are a few quick tips for keeping your attic cooler this season:

  • hot atticAdd Passive Ventilation - This is key for allowing excess heat to escape from the attic space. Make sure your attic has proper passive vents like gable, soffit and ridge vents so the hot air can leave through these openings in your roof.
  • Insulate - Be sure your attic space has proper insulation. You'll want an R-factor of at least 19. You want to keep that hot attic air from heating your living space--insulation will help make sure your air conditioner isn't working harder than it needs to, increase comfort, and reduce cooling costs. 
  • Clean your vents - Make sure your vents are clear of debris or insulation so that they can function properly. Be sure to do a quick inspection each season to make sure they are unrestricted and that air can pass easily.
  • Install ventilators or attic fans - These devices actively remove hot air from the attic, triggered by a thermostat, which turns the fan on at a recommended preset temperature. Installing a fan or electric vent should not be done without taking into account all the other items we have just mentioned though. The last thing you want to do is install a powerful ventilator that simply draws your conditioned air up into the attic space.

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