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6 Tips for Fabulous Real Estate Photos of Your Pool

Some home buyers are looking for homes with pools, some are not - and some are still on the fence. But whatever the case may be, NO ONE will be visiting your property if the listing images of your pool are scaring them away. Here are six tips to make sure your pool is picture perfect for your real estate photos!

(We found these fabulous examples of great pool portraits in the portfolio of ​Louisville Real Estate Photography.)

6 Tips for Fabulous Pool Pics

  1. Be sure the water is clean and clear. Check out our Pool Party Prep blog for tips on getting your pool in tip-top shape for a special occasion (like a photo shoot!) Be sure the water is clean, clear and skimmed for picture day.
  2. Put pool equipment away. We know you were just cleaning, but finish the job and be sure skimming nets, vacuums and brushes aren't photo-bombing your precious beauty shots! Not only are hoses and other equipment an eye sore, but you don't exactly want the first thing on buyers minds to be ..."oh yeah, pool maintenance. What a drag..."
  3. Clean up toys and floats. Unless you are a professional stager (or you hired one), clean the area of hanging towels, random sunning chairs, lonely floats or toys in or around the pool, flip-flops, drinks, etc. The area should be clean and focus should be placed on the beauty of the pool itself.
  4. Put the umbrellas up. Patio/pool surround umbrellas usually look better up. If yours is old and dingy, consider moving it out of the shot, otherwise, open it up for a more magazine staged look.
  5. Tidy the landscaping. You may choose to add some new plants and light landscaping touches, or tidy up your existing plantings to improve the overall look of your pool. Be sure the pool deck is swept. Trim back bushes and trees that are hovering too close to the pool or dangling overhead.
  6. Show your pool in its best light! If at all possible, avoid taking pictures of your pool on a dark, cloudy, or rainy day. Snap shots while the sun is shining and reflecting off that relaxing crystal clear water. Or if you are daring (and good with a camera) you may choose to highlight your evening pool setting instead. This is especially beneficial for pools/pool areas with decorative lighting that's worth showing off. 

And if you're really lucky, some professional real estate photography is in the budget, like the above images, which were taken by Louisville Real Estate Photography. Good luck! And happy selling!

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