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4 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Mosquitos

With summer heating up, you may be spending more time entertaining on your patio and deck. Hanging out until the sun goes down and cooler temperatures set in is especially refreshing - that is, until the mosquitoes arrive! But wait, before you reach for your bug spray, try some of these natural measures first to help reduce the presence of these troublesome pests so you can better enjoy your time outdoors.

Mosquito September 2010-1Remove Sources of Standing Water

Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, so you need to remove their breeding grounds to reduce their population around your deck. Keep in mind that while some mosquitoes stay very close to home, others travel. So look beyond the immediate vicinity when identifying stagnant water sources, like bird baths, ponds, puddles, empty buckets, pots, and garbage cans. Ditches, soil depressions, and pools that form as a result of overzealous watering can also be a source of stagnant water around your home - so be vigilant while investigating the property. Your decorative water feature can also contribute to mosquitoes, but mosquitoes prefer still, quiet water, so adding aeration and water movement can reduce the likelihood that mosquitoes will come to lay eggs. Don't forget to keep your pool clean and chlorinated too! 

Add A Lemongrass Plant

When we think of mosquitoes, the first words that come to mind may be annoyance, bites, and itch...but soon thereafter we might think Citronella. Lemon Grass is an herb plant that grows 3-6 foot tall, is dark green and clumping, and has a strong lemony scent. Wait, do you recognize that scent? Yes, lemongrass contains the compound citronella and is a natural mosquito repellent. Other plants that top that list? Citronella grass, catmint (catnip), rosemary, basil, lavender are also natural repellents, and have wonderful aromas that you won't mind having around your deck!

Turn On A Fan (or Two!)

Outsmart mosquitoes with a little gentle airflow. Mosquitoes are relatively weak fliers and a fan's breeze makes it difficult for them to fly, the fan breeze also disperses our natural scents and make it difficult for female mosquitoes to zero in on us. A fan is great for keeping everyone cool anyway, so why not set one up at main level and place another osculating at the floor level to keep mosquitoes off your guests' legs and ankles. 

Build A Bat House

Contrary to the movies, bats are actually friendly, useful animals who can help us control mosquitoes and other insects during the summer months. According to one bat can eat up to 1,000 in a single hour! Check out the National Wildlife Federation's website to learn how to build your very own bat house.