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7 Ways to Dress Up Your Deck!

Summer is in full swing and we are spending lots of time entertaining. If you have a deck, it's probably a popular venue for meals and get-togethers. But are you feeling like your space is a bit dull or drab despite the vibrance of summer? Dress it up with these 7 ideas!

Add Some Plant Life

Adding plants is a great way to refresh your deck space, and can help with privacy issues too. Choose plants with vibrant colors or pleasant fragrances to wake up the senses. Try lemongrass, it's a natural mosquito repellent! See this idea

Use Hidden Spaces

Put the space underneath a raised deck to good use by adding a play area, additional seating, or even a bar. Add retractable screens in between support posts to create your very own screened in "porch!" See this idea

Go Sailing

Adding exterior fabric sails to your deck, can provide much needed shade - use a bright vibrant color and it will provide style too! See this idea

Swap Style

Is your deck in good condition but a bit tired or out of date? Consider changing out just your balusters to eye-catching metal or glass or add faux stone post covers and caps. See this idea

Bring in Textiles

Exterior area textiles can do wonders for warming up an outdoor space. Create an inviting and colorful space by adding outdoor textiles like curtains, rugs, cushions, and pillows. See this idea

Spruce Up the Floor

Does your deck have an ugly floor? No problem! Try laying some eco tiles to cover it up. (Be sure you aren't covering up rot or damage though!) See this idea

Add Lighting

Your old-school deck might not have included all the nifty lighting options that are currently available. Fear not! You can retro fit your deck with solar lighting. See this idea