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Homeowner Summer Reading List - 6 Must-Reads!

It's summer reading list time! The sun is shining and it's a great time to sit down with a good book (or magazine or blog, for that matter!), so here's our summer reading list. We scoured the internet and polled our inspectors for their top picks. The result is this list of must-reads for any homeowner.


This Old House Magazine

It's a show, it's a website, it's a magazine! Each issue of This Old House Magazine focuses on a few seasonally appropriate home projects and in typical TOH fashion, expertly explains each project in detail (with lots of tips along the way). Go ahead and check out the website and the show too, if you like, but we give the magazine extra points because we can easily carry it with us to the beach! Check It Out

OK, hear us out on this one! We know that this website is designed for renters, but the value that it holds for homeowners, especially first timers, is great! Because it's aimed at apartment dwellers, you'll find tips on topics like maximizing space, living on a budget, and small weekend projects with big impact. What homeowner doesn't love that kind of advice?! We especially appreciate the section on housekeeping and their one-minute videos covering everything from decluttering to something they like to call Small Project SaturdayCheck It Out


Old House Journal Magazine/Website

If your home was built before 1950, then you have to check out Old House Journal Magazine and website. It is one of our inspector top picks for quality reading about restoring and living in older homes. You'll find tons of how-to articles, question/answer and info on issues specific to old homes. Rusting tin ceiling? Antique door issues? Choosing period paint colors? You'll find that and more. As home lovers, we give OHJ two thumbs up for attention to detail and focus on preservation when it comes to restoration. Check It Out


The Mint Blog

If you run the budget in your household, chances are, you've at least heard of (If not, you might want to check it out). But did you know that the popular personal finance hub, also has a blog? The reason we like it so much is because it takes "managing the household budget" and puts it in terms of real life situations, paired with practical and useful advice for how to stay on point. Since a home is a HUGE investment and can be a big draw on your personal budget, the site is filled with tips for those who own homes and ways to eek every last penny out of your budget. Check It Out


Consumer Reports Magazine/Website

Many homeowners go from buying a home to "filling" it with needed appliances, technology, etc. Consumer Reports offers a great way to gather the facts before you buy. If you are expecting big purchases in your future, consider the investment of subscribing to Consumer Reports for access to their ratings and reviews. Don't forget to check out their buying guides which detail all the ins and outs of everything you need to consider for any given purchase. Check It Out


The US Inspect Blog

OK, shameless plug or not, this blog really can be a great resource for homeowners. Though we do write about buying and selling, we additionally post several new homeowner articles each month about seasonal topics like home maintenance, home improvement, project ideas, and home tips. Read More Here!