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4 Ways to Get a Great Deal Buying Your Next Appliance

Did you know that September and October can be a great time to buy a new appliance? Because appliance manufacturers debut new models each September, early fall is a great time to snag deals on last year's merchandise. Here's how to get those deals!

  1. Keep an Eye on Advertisements - In September and October keep your eyes peeled for advertisements about this year's newly released merchandise. Take that as your cue to visit your local store and scout out deals on last year's models. You know, those items that a month ago were the hottest thing on the market? We're not talking about outdated relics, here, we're talking about what are still really great products.
  2. Ask and You Shall Receive - Even if they are unmarked, ask a sales person or manager about getting a deal on a floor model. They will likely be motivated to move out old appliances to make room in their showroom for shiny new models.
  3. Hold off on Refrigerators - New refrigerator models come out in May, so if that's the appliance you're after, better to wait until the spring.
  4. Don't Get Greedy - There is not as much margin in appliances as there is in, say, clothing. If you see what you think is a good deal on an appliance, go for it. It's unlikely that the price will lower much, if at all.