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7 Quick Tips for a Child-Safe Holiday Home

If you have little ones or some who will be visiting your home this holiday, it's important to be sure your home is safe. Here are some quick tips for a child proof holiday:

1. The sky's the limit!

Literally. So try decorating up instead of down and across. The floor doesn't really need to be decorated anyway, and when babies are around, you should definitely skip it. 

2. Avoid dangling cords.

Avoid extension cords and overloaded outlets that can attract little ones exploring your home. Plus they are a fire hazard!

3. Tree Toppler?

Make sure decorations, especially large standing ones (like trees), are safely secured so they won't teeter, totter or topple down when little hands get curious.

4. Skip the tinsel.

Remember that holiday tinsel can be a choking hazard, and the fact that it sparkles and shines, only makes it more attractive—to eat! 

5. Visions of sugar-plums.

Avoid using decorations that appear edible, which can be choking hazards for your child or a guest’s child if they try to eat them.

6. Avoid dangerous plants.

If you thought poinsettias were poisonous for babies, you’ll be happy to know that this is a myth. However, mistletoe can be deadly! Read up on holiday plant safety before brining anything into your home.

7. Toyland safety.

And when it comes time to open the presents under the tree, remember that age specifications for toys are very important. Be sure that anything you give to your baby is appropriate for her age (especially gifts given to her by others) and that safety packaging like twist ties have been completely removed.