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12 Ways to Avoid Ladder Accidents this Holiday

Decorating our homes with lights, garland, and reindeer in anticipation of the Holiday season will most likely include using a ladder. A report released by University Health System shows a significant increase in injuries related to falls in recent years and the holidays are a common time for people to fall off ladders while attempting to hang lights, wreaths, and other decorations. Accidents involving ladders just seem to keep going up every year! Here's how to stay safe:

  • The ladder you choose must be the right ladder for the job. Is it tall enough? You must never stand on the top rung or step.
  • Ensure all ladder parts are working properly and firmly secure. The ladder must not be loose or questionable in any way.
  • Check the surface the ladder is standing on. Is it smooth and level? Can the ladder slide out from under the user once on the ladder? Always take the time to do this step even if you only plan on stepping up for a moment or two.
  • Your ladder must be rated for the weight of the user plus any equipment accompanying the person. Look at the rating on the side of the ladder.
  • Never use ladders in storms or strong winds.
  • Do not climb a ladder in bare feet or with sandals. Slip resistant, secure footwear only.
  • Only one person at a time should be on the ladder.
  • Never place a ladder in front of a closed door that could be opened unexpectedly.
  • Do not overreach or lean out excessively from the ladder. (And never rely on a gutter etc. to support you while you do so!) Reposition if necessary.
  • Never jump from a ladder. You may become entangled as you leave.
  • Remember the 3-point rule. Two feet and one hand, or two hands and one foot on ladder at all times. Use a tool bag around your waist to store gear when ascending or descending. This will allow you to maintain control of your position on the ladder using the 3-point rule.
  • Lastly, never get on a ladder if you feel dizzy, light headed, or confused in any way.

We at US Inspect want you to have a safe and happy Holiday. Thank you for taking the time to read these tips. Your family will be glad you did!