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5 Essential Tips to Showing Your Home During the Holidays

Showing your home over the holidays can be difficult, but it’s also a perfect opportunity to target serious, motivated buyers during a time when your competition may be taking some time off the market.

Why show your home during the holidays?  More and more people are remaining “plugged in” over the holidays, and while they are checking email and updating Facebook, they’re checking listings too. After finding your listing online, they’ll likely have more free time to visit your home, plus, December is also the deadline for buyers making investments before the new fiscal year. So stick it out through the holiday season, and you  could reap some big rewards—like ringing in the New Year with a sale! Here are some holiday selling tips to keep in mind:

Create curb safety not just appeal.

The last thing you need as buyers approach your home is to have someone lose his/her footing. Remember that the beautiful snow and ice crystals that give your home a lovely glow this time of year can also be a hazard. Take extra precautions to remove slippery surfaces, icicles from overhead, and otherwise provide safe entry to your home. 

Ho-Ho-hold the overly personal decor.

This may not be the year for breaking out all of your extremely personal keepsakes, kids projects, and old family holiday photos. While you want your home to feel welcoming and warm, you do not want buyers to feel as though they are invading your personal space. Consider framed photographs of wintery scenes, rather than family portraits. Skip loading the fridge with incoming holiday cards, and instead draw attention to the clean and clutter-free features of your kitchen.

Reign in your holiday trimmings.

Speaking of holiday decorations, it’s best to keep things simple. This is probably the single most difficult part of selling your home during the holidays—but remember the payoff! You can still decorate, but too many decorations can not only make your home appear smaller and obscure its architectural features, you can run the risk of making it practically impossible for a buyer to picture themselves in your home, other than Santa himself.

Make your home picture perfect.

The Internet is a huge reason why selling through the holidays now works! But with so many people starting there search on their smart phone while digesting Thanksgiving dinner, your online photos and tours have to be great! Make sure there are LOTS of pictures and find one of the outside of your home from the spring too. Listings with video tours are also very popular.

Create a cozy home.

Don’t you just adore the holiday homes you see in movies? They always look so beautiful and you wish you lived in them. This is the feeling you want to evoke in your home. Create a warm, cozy, understated experience that makes you want to curl up on the couch, or gather in the kitchen. Click up the heat a few degrees, light the fire—make your home an oasis from the winter, especially in colder climates.