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How to Banish 5 Bad Smells That Could Kill Your Deal

Pee yew! The last thing you want is for a home you live in or have on the market to reek! Off-putting smells can really stagnate a sale, but they don't have to! Here's how to banish them from your home:

Food Odors

  • Clean as you cook to avoid a pile at the end. Dishes, pots, and pans left in the sink overnight can grow unpleasant smells exponentially while you slumber - so it's best to nip them in the bud right away.
  • Take out garbages too.
  • Always remember ventilation is your friend. Use your kitchen's ventilation fans and open windows as necessary as well.
  • When the smells have dissipated (you may need to walk outside and come back in to determine that fact), then and only then, you may wish to light a candle for some positive aroma action! But always remember that trying to mask one smell with another with deodorizers, candles and sprays should never be your first course of action, as the blending of smells can be even worse than what you started with!


If you discover that mold is the source of a smell in your home, your first step is to call a professional. While there are some home remedies for combating mold in your home, it is best to get an expert in to determine the extent of the mold, if the mold is dangerous, if spores have spread to other areas of the home - and to use their experience to look in places you might never think to inspect to assess the extent of the problem. 


  • Have your carpets professionally steamed.
  • Steam clean companies often offer upholstery cleaning as well. So don't skimp now - if you don't get every area cleaned, you won't reap the benefits you desire. 
  • You'll need to strip and repaint the walls. Remember, this investment up front will help sell your home (in fact it may not only help, it may be absolutely necessary to sell your home) and that is the end goal.
  • Once you have taken these steps, avoid smoking in the home until it is sold.


Your plumbing can emanate all sorts of unpleasant odors in your home. Drains in your kitchen and bathrooms can produce foul smells if you haven't cleaned them in a long time. Accumulation of hair, facial products or food particles can produce a repugnant slime if you aren't careful to keep them maintained. The fix is simply to clean them often.

  • Keep your drains clear and cleaned with a tool or cleaning solution.
  • Keep the pipes updated, since old, deteriorated pipes can also "reek" havoc on your sale, not to mention your home inspection report. 


Pet Odors

When speaking of pet odors, urine probably has to be the number one cause for wrinkled noses. But don’t be fooled by claims that painting over the damage is enough to fix and seal the issue. Urine stains in carpet can seep down into the carpet pad and even into the subfloor leaving lingering odors that could deter potential buyers. Urine on floors, wood trim, or drywall ultimately has to be replaced. It is the only way to truly remove the damage/stains and the resulting odor.