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3 Ways Paint Can Chase Away the Winter Blues

It's been a long dreary winter for many folks across the United States. It has many of us looking for creative ways to breathe new life into our homes and chase away the winter blues grays! Look no further. We scoured Pinterest (a.k.a DIY Heaven) for the best ideas for infusing color into our homes this winter and this is what we found: Here are 3 guaranteed ways to brighten your day and all it takes is a can(s) of paint!

#1 Painted Accent Furniture

Infuse some color into any room by choosing a unique piece of furniture you already own, or one from a antique sale and give it a new coat of paint a completely new personality! You can go light or dark, pastel or BRIGHT and take your statement piece as far as you like. Choose an accent color for your existing color scheme. Don't know the complimentary colors to those in your room? Read up on your color harmonies at

Idea Project: From Women's Day


This paint project is a big attention-getter. What a fantastic pop of color it provides! Not gutsy enough to paint your actual window frames? How about painting (or purchasing) a decorative window for the wall and use it as art! 

Idea Projects: From Apartment Therapy, Etsy

#3 Painted Cabinets

Painted cabinets are very popular right now. Gray, blue, yellow, and even black are now often seen in kitchen's, offices, bathrooms and more. It's not always the best idea to go super trendy in a room like a kitchen that you hope to last many, many years - but this can be a great project for an older kitchen to defer a full renovation. You might just find you get another 5 years or more out of a room you were about to spends thousands renovating!

Idea Projects: From  Better Homes and GardensThe Project Girl 



So grab a can of paint in your favorite hue and get DIYing and before you know it, spring will finally be here!


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How does color make you feel? What colors uplift your mood most?
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