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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home This Spring

Who doesn't want to refresh and renew their home when the seasons change? But forget about major projects, paint rollers, and empty piggy banks, here are 5 quick and easy ideas with BIG impact!

1. Swap out your bed linens.

OK, we hope you have been changing your sheets every 1-2 weeks - that will keep your dream space smelling fresh. But with spring now here, how about swapping out your winter whites for bright, vibrant colors to invigorate your room and your mood. Add a coverlet or throw to your bed, or change the sheets.


(Image Source: Designed by the queen of vibrant prints, this Lily Pulitzer bedding from Garnett Hill will most certainly brighten your season.)

2. Say Good-Bye to Tired Towels

Is your bathroom looking bleak? Open the windows, let the sunshine in and invest in a new set of towels, rather than a whole room makeover. Try yellow, orange, or lime for a citrusy boost!


(Image Source:


3. Change Your Wall Art

There are no rules that say that once you hang a picture it has to stay there forever! Why not collect a few extra pieces of art over time that you can swap out when the mood strikes? Birch bark for winter, bright abstract colors for spring - let your creativity be the guide. Refresh the whole room with a quick swap of art.


(Image Source: This example from shows just how effective this technique can be!)

4. Bring Nature Inside

One of the best ways to celebrate the beauty of springtime and revitalize your home is with fresh flowers and plants. You can brighten any room with a pop of new color whenever you like. Change the color with your mood!



(Image Source: Here is a beautiful pop of color from flowers by


5. Follow Your Nose

One of the things that many people love about spring is the sweet smells - fresh air, the crisp smell of rain, the delicate aroma of fresh blossoms and even fresh cut grass. Why not infuse some of your favorite scents inside as well? Try an essential oil diffuser! 


(Image Source: