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What is Your Front Door Saying to Buyers?

The front door is the first impression buyers will get of your home. So, what is yours saying to potential buyers? Here are five things it should be saying.

I am safe.

The exterior-grade door is strong, sturdy and functions properly. It has a heavy-duty dead-bolt with a 1” throw bolt (never just privacy knobs or other interior grade handle sets).  

I am strong.

The door is heavy-duty and free of deterioration, water damage, evidence of previous forced entry, or rot.

I am working.

Handles and hinges are fastened properly and the door closes easily and securely. It doesn’t creak, squeak or rub the frame. It requires only normal pressure and operation to close tightly. The doorbell is fully intact and functions.

I am beautiful.

The overall curb appeal at the front door is high. The door is freshly painted, neat and clean and plants, mats, and overhead lighting welcome approaching guests.

I am energy efficient.

The door has intact and properly-installed weatherstripping and it fits properly in the frame, without gaps.