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How to Get the Most Out of Your Inspection

At US Inspect we value your trust and in return, we strive to make your experience the best it can be! And so, after over 25 years serving clients like you, here are the best ways that we know to make the most of your inspection:

Be There

The best way to get the most out of your inspection, is to be there and be an active participant. The inspector will educate you about the house, encourage your questions, and show you major systems and components Don’t miss this opportunity to receive a wealth of information about the home.

Dress for Success

Attend your inspection in comfortable clothes. Closed-toed shoes and long pants are recommended. Dress appropriately for rain or cold as well. Expect a few cobwebs and dusty shoes. Don’t shy away from the opportunity to see basements or attics first-hand with your inspector. Whenever you safely can, tag along.

Schedule A Babysitter

If at all possible, arrange for a sitter or another adult to come along to watch your children so that you can pay your full attention to the inspection. 

Make the Time

Expect your inspection to take between 2 and 3 hours. Don’t schedule the inspection when you have to rush to another appointment or when you are otherwise distracted.

Assure Accessibility

If the property is vacant or a foreclosure, be sure to meet with your real estate agent and do whatever it takes to make sure all areas of the home will be accessible to your inspector and all utilities will be on. Utilities must be on to be tested and areas must be accessible to be inspected.

Take Notes & Ask Questions

Prepare a notebook ahead of time with a blank sheet of paper for each system or area of the home. Write your questions down in the cooresponding sections so that they can be answered at the appropriate time during the inspection. This way, all your notes, questions and answers will stay organized.

Limit Extra Guests

You may wish to bring others along on your inspection—as an extra set of eyes, or someone whom you trust to help you ask questions or better understand the inspection information. However, limit any guests who may distract you from the inspection. 

Leave Pictures to the Pro

It’s not a great idea to bring camera/video camera along to the inspection. Though this may sound counterintuitive, when you are stuck behind a lens, your attention is not fully on the inspection. Leave the pictures to the inspector who will provide high resolution images with your report. 

Consider Other Inspections

Getting the most out of your inspection may mean getting some additional inspections or tests performed that same day. Consider radon testing or pest inspections and get them done at the same time.