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Does Your Family Know What to Do In the Event of A Fire?

In honor of National Fire Prevention Week next week, the following is a guest post from US Inspect regular blogger Chrissy Doremus about family fire escape plans. Thank you, Chrissy. You can browse our blog for even more fire prevention and safety information.

Are You Prepared?

A Guest Post By: Chrissy Doremus

I distinctly remember a day when I was 6 years old when our smoke alarms suddenly went off in the house. I had been playing with my 8 year old big sister. Being the ever so wise 3rd grader that she was, she immediately sprang into action. She checked for smoke, looked for safe exits and then calmly stood up and took my hand. She tucked her teddy under her arm and proceeded to open the front door and march me and Teddy across the street, a safe distance from the house.

We stood there for a few moments. I suppose we were waiting for the fire engines that would most certainly soon arrive. But instead of fire engines, we were startled by an angry head popping out of the front door,

"What on earth are you two doing?! Get back in the house, dinner is ready!"

As it turned out, Grandma Doris had simply burned a little garlic bread, and she didn't realize the impact that the alarm would have on her highly conditioned and conscientious granddaughter.

But the reason I bring this little story up is to draw attention to how important practicing your escape plan can be in the case of a fire. My sister had known exactly what to do, and had it been a real emergency, we both would have been safe, as a result of her calm actions. 

Are You Prepared?
Do you know what you would do if your alarm sounded? What if it was the middle of the night? If you have children, do they know your escape plan? If you have ederly persons in your household, do you have a procedure for how to assist them out? Right at this moment, do you know the exact locations of your fire extinguishers and escape ladders, and are you absolutely certain that your alarms are fully functioning?

Well if you aren't 100-percent sure of the answers to the above questions, you're not alone. In face, when it comes to fire escape plans, only 23 percent of U.S. families have developed and practiced a home fire escape plan to ensure they could escape quickly and safely in the event of a fire.

Don't delay.
Find out the answers to the above questions today and if you don't have an escape plan, create one. Practice it, and make sure the whole family is involved. I can't think of a better way to celebrate National Fire Prevention Week (Oct 4-10).

For more information visit the National Fire Protection Association online.

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