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National Fire Prevention Week 2015

In honor of National Fire Prevention Week, let's talk about smoke alarms! Now is the time to make sure that you not only have smoke alarms, but that they are operable. 

The image at the right, snapped during a home inpsection, is NOT an unusual sight for our inspectors. According to US Inspect Las Vegas Inspector, Eric Runge, "Believe it or not, the most common fire hazard I see during inspections is old, damaged, or inoperable smoke detectors! My advice? If there is any question, replace them. Even if they are operating normally, once they reach about ten years old they should be replaced. Batteries also should be replaced at least once a year (preferably twice)."

Working smoke alarms save lives. According to National research, households with non‐working smoke alarms now outnumber those with no smoke alarms. Make sure they are installed and operable and then test and replace the batteries at least twice a year (a great time to do this is when you change the clocks in the spring and fall--HINT: That time is right around the corner). But guess what, this year, the National Fire Prevention Association says that twice a year is no longer enough, and they are recommending that all homeowners test their smoke alarms monthly

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