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Curb Appeal: Starting At the Mailbox

They say your home's appeal starts at the curb. So what better way to start a beautification than by starting at the mailbox! Here are 5 great ways to spruce it up:

Top 5 Ways to Beautify Your Mailbox

  1. Think Four Seasons. No we aren't going to try to make your mailbox look like a 5-star hotel. We're talking about thinking about the four seasons of the year during which your mailbox holds a very prominent place in your yard! So when you are picking plants for around your mailbox, choose a couple different varieties that bloom at different times of the year, plus evergreen--so the area always looks groomed and attractive.
  2. The buzz. If you choose to plant flowers around your mailbox, especially ones that climb the box itself, avoid those that attract bees. The last thing your mail carrier wants to do everyday is fight to avoid being stung by a swarm of critters around your mailbox--and you probably will feel the same way when you retrieve the mail.
  3. Grass and Succulents. Ornamental grasses and succulents are a great, low maintenance alternative to traditional flowering plants for around your mailbox. Sedum plants (like those pictures at right) stay fairly "groomed" on their own and they don't require much watering so you can just let the rain take care of that and call it a day. (Which is especially nice if your mailbox is far from the house and less likely to be watered by hand).
  4. Make the Area a Focal Point. Instead of just a post in the ground, now your mailbox is becoming a focal point! Finish that thought by adding a mulch circle and edging the area with stones or decorative trim. Voila!
  5. Make An Upgrade. Sure, any old post with a box on it will do, but there are many beautiful mailboxes available these days. Choose one that suits your style and kick things up a notch!

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