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Carpenter Bees

The carpenter bee (Xylocopa spp.) hollows out wood to create nests called galleries. The carpenter bee does not live in the nest but stays in the nest to rear their young. The nest opening is a perfect half-inch circle. The nest itself may extend anywhere from four (4) inches (for a new nest with one bee) to 10 feet (for older nests with several bees). Carpenter bees generally nest in weathered or unpainted wood. They lay their eggs in the nest and seal them with a chewed wood pulp plug. The bees then emerge from the hole in the Spring.


To properly eliminate a carpenter bee infestation, the proper chemicals or dust must be injected directly into the exit hole. The opening is then sealed by gluing a half-inch dowel into the opening and painting the surface. To prevent an infestation of carpenter bees, it is important to paint or stain any bare wood surfaces of Once the chemical or dust is introduced into the exit hole, the hole must be glued with a 1/2 inch dowel and painted over. To prevent an infestation of Carpenter bees, it is important to paint or stain a home’s bare wood surfaces.