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7 Ideas For Between The Studs Diy Projects

No matter what the size of your home, most of us try to eek every last inch of square footage. “Between the studs” projects are a great way to accomplish just that. By utilizing the hidden space found between the studs in a wall, one can create a bookshelf, a closet, recessed display area – and just about anything else you can dream up that’s 16 inches (sometimes 24 inches) wide! Plan ahead and be sure to be aware of the location of pipes, electrical and ductwork before tackling any of these projects.

  1. Attic bathroom, small bathroom idea from
  2. Magazine rack at
  3. Recessed display shelf by Tate & Burns Architects found on
  4. Broom closet (original source unknown)
  5. Garage garden storage solution by
  6. Wall niche creative storage by Better Homes & Gardens.
  7. Bathroom linens recessed closet (original source unknown)