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Radon Continuing Education Courses

US Inspect offers three comprehensive radon continuing education courses designed to deepen your understanding of this important environmental concern. Whether you’re expanding your skills in the field or renewing your credentials, our courses provide the latest information and in-depth insights you need to excel.

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Course 1: Radon Physics

NRPP ID# USI-303 (3 CEUs)
Price: $60

Description: The course covers the basics of radiation, focusing on ionizing radiation. Some basis atomic physics is covered. We discuss the history of radiation discover and the people that were instrumental in the initial research. Then we focus on the radon decay chain, equilibrium ratio and what can affect it, and measurement units. Some calculations for measurement units and some for ER.


Course 2: The Health Risks of Radon

NRPP ID # USI-304 (5 CEUs)
Price: $100

Description: The course covers the health risks of exposure to radon and radon decay products. The course also covers the history and describes the mechanism leading to lung cancer. There are also two review sections that cover radon physics and radon testing protocols. It is best to complete the review sections before starting the main course.


Course 3: Radiation Safety Training Refresher for the Radon Professional

NRPP ID # USI-305 (2 CEUs)
Price: $40


Description: This course offers a review of radon, radiation, radioactivity, measurement units, equilibrium ratio, and worker safety practices.