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Can I Open The Windows During My Radon Test?

As beautiful weather is sweeping the nation, many of us are opening the windows to let all that fresh air in. But if you are conducting a radon test this week, it’s not the time to let in a breeze. Did you know that opening your windows, even for a short period time, can not only impact your test results, but render the test invalid?
Know The Facts About Radon Testing Closed-House Requirements

If you are conducting a short term test (less than 4 days), which is typical for a real estate transaction:

  • Close all of your windows on every level and all outside doors at least 12 hours before beginning the test.
  • Throughout the test, “closed house conditions” must be maintained. This means keeping all windows closed for the duration of the test.
  • Keep outside doors closed except for normal momentary entry and exit.
  • Do not operate fans or other machines that bring in air from outside.
  • Fans that are part of a radon-reduction system or small exhaust fans such as kitchen and bathroom fans operating for only short periods of time may run during the test.
  • Central heating and air conditioning systems are permitted, but wall/window air conditioning units that are set to exchange air are not.
  • Use air conditioning (central/window units on recirculate modes only) and fans to keep cool (excluding whole house fans). Be sure fans are not directed at the test device. Some test devices are very sensitive to air flow.

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So the short answer to the above question in the title of this post is, “No.” But if proper procedures are followed, your test will be brief and you’ll be back to enjoying the weather in no time!