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Watch And Learn – What The Rain Can Teach You About Your Home

The rain can tell you a lot about how affective the drainage is around your home and if the grading around your property is effectively directing water AWAY from your foundation.

So, how does it work? Simple. Just wait for a nice steady rain and observe how water flows around your home. See the guide at the right for step-by-step instructions. During a heavy rain, is actually the perfect time to observe your property’s drainage and gutter function–you can identify problem areas almost immediately.

What is the Worst-Case Scenario exactly?

Well, water, if not properly controlled, can lead to water penetration and result in damage to a home’s structure, interior surfaces, and your personal belongings as well.

But taking a few moments to Watch and Learn is a great way to see how your property “handles” water and identify issues now that could be much bigger headaches down the line if they are allowed to continue.