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Inspection FAQs

Did you know that we've conducted over two million inspections? We've answered lots of questions.

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What is a professional home inspection?

A professional home inspection helps you learn about the home you're buying, gives you confidence to address potential concerns, and delivers peace of mind about your new investment.

A professional home inspection is an objective review of the condition of a property, with a focus on critical systems: Structural, Roofing, Exterior, Interior, Electrical, Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, Insulation and Ventilation, Appliances, Water Control, Waste Disposal, and Property and Site. A home inspection also gives you information about recommended repairs, along with the types of maintenance required to keep the home in good shape and all major systems operating smoothly.

How long does the inspection take?

A typical home inspection requires about two to three hours, depending on the size of the house—larger, more complex houses require more time on site. The condition of the house and related systems also affects inspection intervals—if the house and appliances have not been properly maintained, the inspector may need additional time to explain to the buyer the options he/she has to maintain or replace the items.

Should I attend the inspection?

Yes! We strongly recommend that you (or your representative) attend the inspection to ensure that you're properly informed about the investment you're considering.  It's not the end of the world if you don't attend, but being on site ensures that you are able to accompany our inspector, ask questions about the condition of the home, learn how various systems operate, and understand how to properly maintain the home and major systems.

Do I need to attend the inspection?

No. If you can't attend the inspection, our comprehensive inspection report, delivered digitally, provides executive summary, specific findings, identification of potential defects, recommended remediation, and dozens of photographs. Our inspectors also are available via e-mail or phone after the inspection to answer any additional questions, whether you attend or not.

What should I expect when I attend my home inspection?

Did we mention that we've delivered over two million inspections? That's a lot of inspections and over the years, we've developed a darn good on-site standard operating process.

i) Hello, My Name Is—Greetings, introductions, inspector explains the objectives and planned approach, provides inspection agreement for review, asks if customer(s) have any special questions or requests.

ii) Quick Site Scan—While customer(s) review inspection agreement, inspector conducts a quick circuit of the property, sizing up the scope of the inspection.

iii) In-depth Inspection—Accompanied by customer, inspector carefully examines all visible and accessible areas and systems, including heating systems, air conditioning systems, plumbing, electrical systems, roofing system, attic and insulation, ceilings, walls and floors, windows and doors, basement and crawlspace, and foundation and all visible structural components.

iv) Questions and Report—Inspector makes another circuit of the property to verify that the property's condition remains unchanged from when the inspection started; inspector reviews major findings, answers any additional questions, completes and sends inspection report digitally.

What's included in the inspection report?

Our inspection reports are regarded nationally as the finest inspection deliverable available. The inspection report is the published outcome of a professional home inspection. The report includes an Executive Summary, identification of deficiencies, and estimated costs to repair across a home's major systems: Structural, Roofing, Exterior, Interior, Electrical, Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, Insulation and Ventilation, Appliances, Water Control, Waste Disposal, and Property and Site.

Does the inspection report include photos?

Yes, our inspection report includes dozens of color photos.

How is the inspection report delivered?

We review and discuss inspection results on site with our customers while referring to report findings and comments; we deliver final inspection report digitally. Upon request, we have the capability to print and deliver the inspection report on site.

What's the cost of a home inspection?

The cost of a home inspection varies relative to three main factors: size of home, age of home, and geographic location. Most home inspections cost between $300 and $500, but many inspections fall outside of that range because of size of home and/or age of home.

If the cost of a home inspection sounds too good to be true, it probably is—new inspectors and franchise operators tend to compete based on price. Buying a home is one of your most important investments-we highly recommend not short-changing your inspection quality to save $25 to $50.

Can I order more than one inspection at the same time?

Yes. We frequently deliver other residential inspections—termites, radon gas, septic, pool—with a professional home inspection, saving time and budget.

Do utilities have to be on?

Yes. If utilities aren't on, we'll accommodate your schedule to a date/time when the utilities can be turned on.

Do inspectors walk the roof?

Yes. In most cases, the inspector is able to walk the roof. Depending on safety concerns, accessibility, roofing material, and roof pitch, the inspector may not be able to walk the roof. No worries - we give all of our inspectors a ladder so inspectors will be able to visually inspect the roof from the eaves or from the ground.

Do you always inspect and test the heating and air-conditioning systems?

Yes. However, due to potential for damage to the systems, we only test AC if the outside temperature is above 65F, and we only test heat if the outside temperature is below 65F.

What are inspectors' experiences and backgrounds?

We recruit and employ only the finest industry professionals, each of whom joins the company after years of experience in property inspections, construction and/or engineering. Before conducting their own inspections, employees are required to complete a rigorous regimen of classroom and ride-along training exercises with mentor inspectors.

In the field, our inspectors adhere to a pre-defined prototypical US Inspect inspection methodology, which produces highly consistent inspection results across regions and time. Each inspector also is required to complete online continuing education to ensure consistently sharp skill sets. Quality assurance is conducted by field managers via random report reviews and surprise ride-alongs.

Headquarters personnel also randomly conduct quality audits of all field inspectors.

Are inspectors licensed and/or certified?

Yes. In states where licenses are required, our inspectors are licensed. In states that do not require licenses, our employee inspectors are members of professional trade associations, such as the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) and American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). Many of our inspectors also are trained and nationally licensed to perform radon gas and termite inspections.

Do you carry errors and omissions insurance?


Is a home inspection different than a code inspection?

Yes. A code inspection corresponds to code established by a local municipality; code inspections are not designed to help a buyer or seller understand the general condition of a home and should not be relied upon exclusively for a home purchase or home sale.